Pura Pura – Odyssey Club EP

The journey continues by welcoming in our big family, the artist Pura Pura.

Straddling rap influences, a fervent defender of 808 rhythms, and metallic club sounds, the artist from Montpellier offers us a colorful palette of tracks paying tribute to different historical currents of the electronic music scene.

While making these tracks sound like a club in order to offer his audience breathless and heady rhythms, which will vibrate the crowds this fall. With the signing of the "Odyssey Club" EP, we are proud to represent the essence of our origins, with a cinematographic project that promotes the raw energy of a successful late-night journey.

The richness of this EP is none other than the combination of tracks creating a unique musical work, which will bring the public throughout the tracks to feel a palette of emotions without equivocation, plunging it into an immersive atmosphere almost cinematographic, even exhilarating.

With "VVVictory", Pura Pura sets the scene and offers an inspirational introduction. This track is based on a haunting, almost disturbing melody, which will plunge the listener into an atmosphere, cutting him off from his reality. Built from a rap instrumental, the artist has modified the drums to bring a club touch to the track, an exercise very appreciated by Pura Pura.

We go on with energy to the origins of the club music with "Feel the 808", which is a track mixing a bass realized on the Prophet Rev2 with an 808 instrumental very largely inspired by the murderous drops of the current rap tracks. The whole is enhanced by the repetitive and haunting voice of Karlita, a tribute to the vocals of Ghettotech.

"Music Maestro", the banger of the EP, mixes in an assumptive way the influences: from the vocal of T99 that was a landmark track in the life of the artist, to the cuttings of the Funky Drummer break, passing by the stab house and the tones of TR-808 that reminds the Ghettotech.

We finish the sound adventure with "Odyssey Club" which is a post-club track allowing Pura Pura to leave his artistic comfort zone by consigning part of the creation to the machine: the breaks have been automated so that the musical rendering is random. This results in phases alternating between silence, breaks, and an extremely scathing drop.

This sound experimentation gives birth to a transcendental work, which will know how to transport the listener to an environment where the audacity of the club summons the dance, the celebration, and more broadly the emancipation of the existences.


Sarah Farina takes on "Feel the 808" and does what she masters to perfection to illuminate a track by bringing rhythm and depth, while directing the sounds so that we feel a new energy. https://soundcloud.com/sarahfarina

Bianca Oblivion takes "Odyssey Club" by storm and brings a dynamism that only she knows. On 90s tunes, the remix summons an irresistible stab that marries perfectly with the song's breaks. https://soundcloud.com/biancaoblivion

By summoning these two renowned talents, Pura Pura offers to his project a coherent turn oriented on the love of frantic rhythms and the importance of transmitting the state of mind of the club. What makes us dance, celebrate, exchange... The meeting of two worlds of its own that enriches the EP and allows it to end in apotheosis.

-------------------------------------- Feel the 808 vocal : Karlita Mastering : Qant Cover : Tom Manzarek --------------------------------------

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