Monstart Vol.5

We are proud to present to you our newest release : MONSTART VOL.5 [MNSTRT013]

Including 10 original club music tracks by talented producers from all around the world. What is the club ? What are feelings inside ? We tried to think what club music will be in 2017, each track represents a particular feeling made, a certain attitude and atmosphere, but it boils down to one thing, the tracks are made to dance and nothing else. Simple.

Ryan Wick - USA Soundcloud : @ryanwicks

Circuit 900 - DEN Soundcloud : @circuit900

Boikafé - LIT Soundcloud : @boikafe

Milus - GER Soundcloud : @milusdj

Fisky - RU Soundcloud : @fiskyoioioi

De Grandi - FR Soundcloud : @de_grandi

Mamboussa - FR Soundcloud : @mamboussa

She Spells Doom - ZAMBIA Soundcloud : @shespellsdoom

Ouanounou - FR Soundcloud : @ouanounou

Sheik - UK Soundcloud : @sheikmu