Coaxial EP

Out to Insert for the words :
" Barow XL & Trimmer come together on their Coaxial EP for Monstart, and its all that you could’ve hoped for plus more. ‘All Of A Sudden’ builds from minimal use of drums that will have your head bopping. However that all changes upon the synth breakdown that will churn your face into the screwy mess that this track deserves. In addition to ‘All Of A Sudden’ Barow XL & Trimmer’s Coaxial EP also features ‘Mono’, which follows a similar albeit dark vibe of previous track. As well as a remix from Gang Fatale‘s Bleaker who builds a more funky atmosphere on top of the drummy foundations. "
credits -

Barow XL - Trimmer - Bleaker -

Mastering : Club Can't Hear -
Artwork : Matt Lindsay Studio